******** T2PLAY AUDIO PLAYER VERSION 105 ********
The fastest and funnest DJ style on-the-fly audio player. Emphasizing Playability and Speed. It plays many audio and Soundtracker formats, accompanied by oldschool sinewave scroller + stereo scopes and many truly unique features:

   *3-Way Tone Controls
   *Advanced Pitch Control
   *Multiple Cues
   *Custom Loops
   *Auto Window Tracking
   *Inverse Mute/Play
   *Independent Volume
   *mp3, m4a, wav, flac, XM & MOD support

Download t2play.zip 491kB
t2play screenshot
t2play is free software, and open source. The interface and playability will appeal to smart phone users, and there is an Android and iPhone API which will allow the program to port. However, a full rewrite would be more suitable, because the touch interface lends itself to scratching! If you want to write the most daring and aggressive music player ever, contact me.

Happy Hardcore

The utilities were made for WINNT4.00 but still work in Windows 7 ten years after.
This program provides a relaxing background for your universal computer screen.

Download StarFieldBG.zip 27kB
starfieldbg screenshot

********* Force Shutdown, Reboot, Logoff, Hibernate **********
There is no better way to shutdown, reboot, logoff or hibernate, except for Svenskeknappen.
Download ForceShutdown.zip  119kB

********* ScreenMode commandline utility **********
Change the screen resolution from the commandline. Works a charm, and very useful sometimes.
Download ScreenMode.zip 30kB